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24-7 Support

You can request support through our website using a support request ticket 24-7. You can also contact us via Skype, social media, iMessenger, WhatsApp or telephone. Urgent matters will be given priority and responded to immediately. Routine requests will be responded to within one business day or less.

Try It for 30 days

When you get started, we will set up, fully configure and customize your ticket system. No set up fee or payment is required at this time. After 30 days, if you do not like your ticket system, you do not pay.

Add Users

Staff members and managers with administrator privileges can add/remove users and change user account settings and privileges. We can set up user “type” templates to streamline this process for you.

Assign Tickets

Easily assign a ticket to staff member in one click. The time, date and reassignment will be automatically recorded in the audit log ensuring accountability and transparency.

Audit Log

The audit log/trail records the times, dates and the staff members who worked on the ticket. It is available for all staff members to see and can be found on the bottom of every ticket.

Automatic Refresh

The ticket system automatically refreshes the home view to the time interval specified in the staff member’s profile, ensuring that team members will always have an up-to-date overview of all new and existing tickets.


We will add your logo to all the email templates when we set up your ticket system to further enhance a professional appearance and build brand awareness.


Staff members can easily add events or modify an event by dragging them or editing them directly. Open tickets that have a due date are also displayed as events and can be modified through the calendar.

Calendar Reminders

The calendar can generate email reminders prior to an event or when tickets with due dates become overdue. Staff members’ profiles can be configured to receive or not receive the reminders in a variety of ways.

Client Side Form Validation

Form validation prevents customers from submitting incomplete support tickets. All mandatory question fields must be completed in order for the submit ticket button to become activated, allowing the customer to click and submit their request.

Copy Ticket

Copy ticket allows staff members to open a new ticket, using the customer contact details of an existing ticket, saving time for staff members who work with repeat customers who make multiple requests in one ticket.

Canned Response

Canned responses are prewritten answers to questions commonly asked by your customers. Canned responses make replying to customers more efficient and also help to keep the tone and language consistent in all responses.

Create Ticket Templates

Ticket templates can be used to quickly complete tickets created by staff members in the back-end of the ticket system to prefill the subject and message of a ticket.

Cross Browser Compatible

The ticket system will work with Internet Explorer 11/Edge and the current versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Custom Category

Categories are useful for organizing tickets according to relevance and assigning them efficiently to the appropriate staff member. For example, any tickets related to sales, would be assigned to the sales category and worked by a sales specialist. Other examples of categories would be departments, service requests, work orders, reservations or general questions.

Let Us Know What You Need

We strive to innovate and create new features based on your feedback. Our ticket system is always evolving and changing based on the demands and requests we receive from our customers.

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