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Custom Status

By default, your ticket system comes with the following statuses: new, waiting reply, reply, on hold, in progress and resolved (completed/closed) allowing staff members to quickly assess, sort and filter tickets from the home view. We can add, remove and customize any status for you.

Custom Submit Form

The Submit Ticket form is used to gather information from your customers. By default, the form comes with the following built in items: name, email, category subject and the option for adding attachments. We can customize the form to match information you require from your customers.

Custom View

Displays tickets according to what is most relevant in your default view. Customize your view by sorting, filtering tickets in a few clicks. No matter what you change when filtering tickets, your default view can be reloaded in one click.

Custom Email Templates

We will set up and customize your email templates for you, using the logo and written content you provide.

Delete/Merge Tickets

Easily delete tickets or merge tickets with one click (staff member accounts require permission for the setting).

Drag & Drop Attachments

Drag and drop functionality is available for adding attachments to tickets on the front and back-end. Older browsers that do not support drag and drop will be provided with a browse/upload button.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent when a new ticket is received, a customer replies, a note is added or a private message is sent via the ticket system. They are also sent when a reminder associated with a ticket/event takes place. Staff members can configure their profiles to determine which email notifications they receive.

Enable/Disable Staff Member

Staff members can be disabled rather than deleted. This preserves their activities in the history of tickets they have worked on. Once disabled, the staff member attempting to log into the system gets an on-screen message that their account has been disabled.

Easy Import

Send/forward emails to your ticket system to quickly add something as a ticket. Any ticket can be easily added to the knowledge base for later reference in one click. These time saving features provide maximum efficiency when delegating tasks to staff members and building your knowledge content.

Filter & Sort

Tickets can be managed, viewed and tracked in a variety of ways. Quickly filter them by clicking any of the headers on the home view or sort them by status, who they are signed to, category, time worked and just about any other attribute set up in the system.

Form Prefill Option

In-bound links from your website or other portals can be custom coded to automically prefill relevant fields on your Submit Ticket form.

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a collection of information, articles and archives arranged by category. A well-managed and curated knowledge base can provide major time savings by drastically reducing the number of support tickets received and provide continuity for staff members. Content can be added or edited and published as public or private.

MailGun API Support

Your ticket system can be configured to use Mailgun, a premium email service that improves and tracks email deliverability.


Ticket notes allow staff members to make comments to each other that are not visible to the customer. Attachments can be added within a note. Any staff member can add comments to a note and the staff member assigned to the ticket will receive an email notification when a note is updated.

Overdue Ticket Notification

Tickets can be assigned a due date. Any open ticket with a due date will appear on the calendar and sends an email notification if the ticket is not completed by its due date.

Premium VPS Hosting

All ticket systems include hosting on a virtual private server to ensure they won’t suffer performance issues, security breaches and configuration restrictions that are often associated with shared hosting environments. The server is optimized to work with your ticket system ensuring speed, stability and security of your data.

Preview Attachments

Images, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents can be previewed in a pop-up window prior to downloading.

Print Tickets

The ticket system has a print function that can ensure all tickets are “print friendly” for making hard copies if required.

Let us know what you need

We strive to innovate and create new features based on your feedback. Our ticket system is always evolving and changing based on the demands and requests we receive from our customers.

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