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Recent Tickets

The tracking IDs of the last five tickets submitted by a customer are displayed in the sidebar of a ticket. Each tracking ID provides a link to the corresponding ticket, allowing staff members to quickly review customer history, outcomes and actions.

Reporting Function

The report function allows you to run several reports and see ticket statistics in a chosen date range. The reports provide an insight and overview of tickets processed, time spent and staff performance.

Responsive Interface

The ticket system can be accessed from the front and back-end at all resolutions allowing staff members and customers to seamlessly access the ticket system from desktop computers and mobile devices.

Rest API

This feature allows us to integrate and configure various third party applications into your ticket system.

Spam Prevention

Anti-spam image, anti-spam question or Google Re-captcha are the three methods of spam prevention available with the ticket system. They provide protection by blocking spam bots traveling the web and nuisance email sent by commercial spammers.


The search function allows you to search for a specific ticket by tracking number, subject, customer name, message or note content.


Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is what websites and browsers use to ensure the information passed between them is kept secure and encrypted, serving as an anti-hacking shield. This is included free of charge with all ticket systems, however additional SSL certificates may be required for ticket systems that receive traffic from military networks.

To Resolve Button

Once a ticket is completed, it can be closed in one click, moving it to the resolved status. The customer will automatically receive an email notification that the ticket has been resolved. If the issue has not been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, they can reply to the ticket, which will result in the ticket automatically reopening.

Track Time Worked

The ticket system has a tracking function to record the time spent on a ticket. This can be done automatically or manually. The total time spent on a ticket is displayed in the sidebar of each ticket and in the report function which is helpful for management oversite and assessing staff performance.

Training Package

We will provide training to you or a designated staff member of your choice. Training includes an in-depth overview of the ticket system’s features and how to use the various features in relation to your business. The trainee can request additional follow up training and support by submitting a support request through our website at any time.

Tag Tickets

Tags are used in the same way that email is tagged. You can add tags to tickets to indicate they are of special importance, require additional attention or reviewed by supervisors and managers.

Upload Space

Each ticket system package provides for a maximum amount of data to be added and stored. This limit can be upgraded as needed by moving to a different plan.

User Ranking

Each time a staff member responds to a ticket, the customer can vote whether the staff member was helpful or not. Each vote is recorded and provides an overview on which staff members are considered the most helpful by your customers.


The ticket system can be configured with an optimal HTML editor that staff members can use to add additional formatting to email content such as bold and colored type or any other HTML element.

Let us know what you need

We strive to innovate and create new features based on your feedback. Our ticket system is always evolving and changing based on the demands and requests we receive from our customers.

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