What we need to get started...

Step 1

Configuring your Submit Ticket Form

Your Customer Submit Ticket / Customer Request form will need to be configured in order to activate your Ticket System. Your form, by default, comes with the below items already built in:

check  Name
check  Email
check  Request Category
check  Subject of Request
check  Message
check  Add Attachments

What other items do you and your staff members need to know from your customer to most efficiently deal with their request?

Step 2

Additional instructions for your customers

Are there any additional instructions you want to provide your customers when they are submitting a request?

Step 3

Staff Member Accounts

For each staff member who will be using the Ticket System, we will need the below information in order to set up their accounts.

check  Full name
check  Email address
check  Signature block details

Step 4

Category Creation

The most fundamental way of organizing your tickets is by categories such as departments or types of work orders. Please provide a list of categories that best reflect the way you currently organize customer service requests, work orders, reservations, questions or other customer issues.

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