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The assigned project manager should have full decision-making authority or should have all information approved prior to project.

1 Purchase a Domain Name

Before we can start, you will need to purchase a domain name at a Domain Registrar. We recommend purchasing a domain that aligns with your current website. For example, if you already have a domain name 99fss.com, it would be a good idea to use 99fss.marketing. This way, it is convenient for your customers that are already familiar with your .com domain name.

A common Domain Registrar is "Go Daddy", but you can purchase a domain name anywhere you like. The cost can vary from $1-$22/year for a .com domain name.

After purchasing the domain name we will help you point your domain name to our custom nameservers. This will only take 5 minutes of your time, and we will walk you through it.

Please do not confuse the domain name with hosting.
The ticket system will be running on our LiteSpeed servers with the latest technique and configured to run specifically for this software.

2 Provide the Ticket System Facilities (Categories)

Next, we'll need a list of each facility or category you would like listed on the ticket system. This list is what your customers will choose from when starting a new ticket.

An example Excel sheet is provided below; you can download and list your facilities in the same manner.

When you're ready, upload your excel file below. Please ensure to list the facilities alphabetically.

3 Provide All Users and Their Signatures

The users will be your staff members that will be accessing the ticket system. For each user, please provide:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • The signature that will be placed under the replies to the customer (like in an email)

    For example:

    Thank you,

    Jane Doe
    Marketing Director
    99th Force Support Squadron
    Ph: 222-333-444

4 Your Logo

Because of the high quality and fast loading times on all devices, we use SVG Logos. We require vector images in .ai (preferred) or .eps (native Illustrator CS6 - CCS) format. In both cases, please make sure that the layers are intact and editable.

5 Providing the help text

The Help Text is needed for the customer to read and understand what is required to do.

6 Providing the Custom Fields

After Ticket System Installation is up and all of the above have been implemented, we will need the review the custom fields. For example, we need to see if the print options need to be changed

7 Squadron Slogan

Please provide the Squadron Slogan.

For example:

"86FSS - People, Pride, Performance ... Always!"

8 Final Review

Once the ticket system is complete, you will be requested to do a review.

9 Training

Any additional training that has not been previously covered for the system administrators can be scheduled when the project is near completion.

After training is finished, we will continue to be available to provide assistance. Your ticket system includes on-going support to guarantee the best working experience possible, so please do not hesitate to contact for help.

We also understand that your office can experience turnover. When new members enter, we can always set up a team demo to ease the transition.

10 Stay Informed about Updates

Stay up-to-date by being a member of the A forum for USAF Force Support Squadrons and Services Divisions Marketing managers that use 123-Ticketsystem. Ask questions, connect with other Marketing managers across the Air Force, get the latest news about 123-Ticketsystem, share your ideas and more!

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