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Knowledge Base

A time saving resource for your customers and staff.

Knowledgebase Font End
Knowledgebase Back End

The Back-End

The back-end of the knowledge base contains all the documents and articles that have been uploaded. Here you and your staff can view both private and public information. The back-end is also designed for quick and simple management of the materials. You can add, remove and edit articles, upload attachments and categorize all articles and materials.

The Front-End

From the front-end, your customers can quickly search for articles that provide the help they need. They will not be able to see any articles that have been published as private or edit knowledge base content. Publishing answers to your customers most frequently asked questions can greatly reduce the number of support tickets. You can also include links to your FAQs in canned responses, giving your customers helpful information before they even ask for it.

Reduce Workload & Increase Productivity

Populate your knowledge base and canned responses with the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Knowledge is power! The knowledge base will automatically make suggestions to your customers as they are submitting their support requests, providing links to all related knowledge base materials. This eliminates the need to send a support request 50% of the time and gets your customers exactly what they need, right when they need it.

Staff Knowledge Base

Staff can create articles and search the back-end private knowledge base for:
  Continuity documents
  Training materials

Customer Knowledge Base

Customers can search the public front-end knowledgebase to answers to common issues:
  How to documents
  Product information sheets

Knowledge Is Power

Give your customers the ability to get what they need, right when they need it!