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RTTtravel Customer Care Center

About RTTtravel

• Full service travel agency
• Air Force owned & operated
• Location: Ramstein, Germany
• Walk-in + call center
• In business since 1983

RTTtravel is the largest Air Force owned and operated travel agency, servicing recreational travel needs of military service members and their families worldwide. The facility is located on Ramstein Air Force base and provide service to walk-in customers, call center customers and website visitors. RTT has been in operation for 25 years as a part of the Forces Support Squadron and continuously proven itself as one of the most profitable facilities in this division, earning numerous awards and accolades on a regular basis.

Like many military programs, RTT has had to adapt to doing more with less resources. The recent advances in technology and big brand on-line booking engines have made profitability fiercely competitive. Additionally, the leisure travel industry has grown increasingly volatile due to increased threats, terrorist activities and economic downturn. RTT’s continued success depends, in large part, on their ability to compete effectively against numerous competitors, many of which have significantly greater resources and make their operation as efficient as possible.

In 2016 these combined challenges caused RTT manager, Birgit Freyler, to do a critical assessment of the operations strength and weakness and what measures she takes to ensure that the business remained profitable without sacrificing service to the military community.

"How can we do business, handle our daily work flow, allocate manpower and service times better? Without exhausting manpower or allocating additional man hours? Maintain financial stability? Obtain better oversight of the daily workload and number of service requests? Ensure that no request is lost or remains unanswered?"
Birgit Freyler, RTTtravel Manager

The Challenge

  • Consolidate walk-in, call center and website customer requests into one central data base with an interface that easy for customers to use and requires minimal staff training.
  • Establishing service driven priorities that are determined by active duty verses retired personnel, local verses global customers and customer loyalty.
  • Improve turnaround time on customer requests by using a collaborative team approach and reduce the time required to service each request.

"We needed a piece of technology that was reliable, affordable and accessible with an easy to use interface for customers and staff. Something that could be implemented quickly, include great support and that could be customized for the way we do business."

The Outcome

   Centralization of all service requests and staff actions

   Non-eligible service requests prevented

   Non-profitable service requests easily identified and outsourced

   High volume/high profit requests are fast tracked

   Increase response times and improved turnaround times

   Management oversight greatly improved

   Efficient allocation of resources and manpower

   Work flow modernized and completely restructured

   Hard copy customer data eliminated and 100% secure

   Multiple agents can work simultaneously on service requests

   Agent and staff accountability greatly improved

   Drag and drop attachments that require travel with e-tickets

   Canned responses eliminated language issues of ESL agents

"We now have complete transparency, history, accountability, documentation in a single service ticket! Everything is tracked from the minute we receive the customer inquiry to the completion of booking!"

Ready to take the next step?

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